Technical Implementation

The cutting-edge mobile app

We made the application using only the most modern technologies in mobile development. Our app is available on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The application is developed using native Kotlin/Swift development languages.

The app control center

We understand how important it is to reduce the Time to market indicator and therefore have developed an innovative mobile application management center. With its help, we can introduce new features into the application without additional development in a very short time and with minimal resources.


We are very sensitive to the personal data of our customers. All our systems exchange information via an encrypted channel, no one will be able to intercept this data.

We have entrusted the storage of user data to the most secure and secure data center in the world.

About machine learning

Yes, yes, we also have a system using ML. We have integrated the service with machine learning to communicate with our customers. Our smart chatbot based on machine learning will help you to sort out any question or just chat if you get bored.


We want to cover all the needs of our customers, so for this purpose in our service there are many integrations with various partners who help us to make a high-quality and multifunctional product. We don't want to write much, but show a diagram of our architecture.

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