Strategic Alliances

We don’t offer or provide any banking or financial services by ourselves. "MYFFIN TECH LTD" is an IT company that offers certain opportunities for the utilization of digital payment services and financial products to its customers, supplied through the interaction with "Bank-as-a-service" platform.

Our main provider of banking products is "Nymсard", BaaS platform. NymCard is a MENA based BaaS provider of embedded finance. It offers a cloud-based or on soil modern payment issuing and processing platform allowing Fintechs, large enterprises, and banks with legacy platforms in the MENA region to instantly create, control, and distribute virtual or physical payment cards.

NymCard works in a flexible and locally relevant approach in each country by partnering with local financial institutions and providing operational support for running the service locally while leveraging a common product for agility and economies of scale.

In 2023 “MYFFIN” is going to scale up in the markets of Pakistan and Egypt. Some of our partners, such as BaaS-platform, have already occupied or will occupy these markets in the near future, which will give us the opportunity to easily integrate into the new place.

Fast track issuing enables to passport card product across multiple regions.

NymCard is removing the friction associated with legacy systems so Fintechs can focus on building their product proposition rather than deal with complex payment procedures.

The fintech sector across the Middle East is growing rapidly with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30%, according to the Middle East Institute, who predicted that, by 2022, more than 800 FinTech companies from sub-segments including payments, open banking, regtech and compliance, smart lending, insurtech, blockchain, and cybersecurity solutions for the financial industry - such as anti-money-laundering, anti-fraud, identity theft, identity management, and others - will raise over $2 billion in venture capital funding.

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